Terms & Conditions

The following statement sets the conditions on the services that WiFi Egg Korea provides through the website. This is a contract between you(“Customer”) and WiFi Egg Korea (“We” or “Company). The following will cover all services provided through the website.


1. Nature of services

We provide a specialized wireless hardware lease service (the “WiFi Egg”), with accompanying items (all of the devices mentioned before will be known as the “Equipment”) to people who are planning to visit South Korea. We currently do not sell Equipment on this Website.

2. Equipment Usage

When placing a reservation for WiFi Egg rental, Company will request Customer’s Arrival & Departure Date to and from Korea. The Equipment will be delivered to the customer’s accommodation in South Korea via delivery service. It is the Customer’s responsibility to examine the Equipment when received and to confirm Equipment condition. It is also the Customer’s responsibility to make sure that the Customer will be able to receive the Equipment on the arrival date the Customer selected on the online booking form.

3. Equipment Return

Equipment(All parts) must be returned via post. Equipment must be returned in the condition the Equipment was received at. The Customer takes all risk of loss and damage from the return of all Equipment.

4. Fees and charges

(a) Fee for Rental

Fees of the usage of Equipment starts on the pick-up date and the date of when the Equipment is returned to one of the booths at one of the airports. Company’s rental fee is posted on wifieggkorea.com and may be changed upon prior notice. The Company requests the payment of expected charges and a deposit of 50 USD. Refund of the deposit will be returned vial PayPal within 2 business days after confirmation of return of the Customer’s Equipment.

(b) Damage or loss charges for the Equipment

Company charges for damage or loss of the Equipment and administer the charge toward the deposit. However, in the case that the Customer rents more than 1 Equipment the Company charges 50 USD for each Equipment. We do not accept substitute devices for any of the fees.

(c) Late Fees

If for any reason the Equipment is not delivered to the Company at the specified return date, the Company will charge additional late charges. To assure that the Customer does not receive late charges, be sure to return all Equipment on or before the Customer’s return date. Until the date the Equipment is delivered, daily late charges of 5 USD will occur. If for any reason the Equipment is not returned within 10 days of the Customer’s return date, the Customer will be charged with a final penalty fee for the loss of the Equipment.

(d) Delivery Fees

Delivery fees for the return of WiFi Eggs is on customers. If the device is returned without payment of the delivery fee in advance, it will be deducted from the security deposit.

5. Cancellation

-Before the Start of Rental Date : No Penalty

-After Start of Rental Date : Cancellation fee equal to the greater of either 20% of the total rental cost, or US$20.00. If the Customer used the Equipment before the Customer cancels the reservation, the rental fees for that period will be excluded from the refund.

*Customer must return the Equipment to the Company on the day that the Customer cancels the order

*Days the Customer is in possession of the Equipment cannot be refunded.

If the Customer returns the Equipment through postal service, postage fee may be charge to the Customer.

6. Equipment Ownership

The Customer agrees and accepts that the Customer is renting Equipment for travel intentions only and that the Customer By using this service, you agree and acknowledge you are renting Equipment for travel purposes only, and that the Customer acquires no rights to the Equipment.

7. Policy for fair usage of data communication

When the mobile network provider in Korea identifies a massive volume of data communication, the communication volume for the line may be limited without prior notice in order to maintain network quality and fair usage of radio waves. For this reason, internet connection may be lost or the communication speed may decrease.
In the event of usage restriction to mobile communication devices, etc. due to the reason above, the Company shall take no responsibility and the customer shall pay the usage fees, etc. to the Company.

8. Resolution of Dispute

The parties agree that this Rental Agreement will be governed by South Korean law and all disputes shall be filed and proceeded according to South Korean legal system.

9. Rental period

The Rental Period starts on the Customer’s pickup date (“Pickup Date”) and comes to an end upon the Customer’s designated return date (“Return Date”).