Refund Policy

-Before the Start of Rental Date : No Penalty

-After Start of Rental Date : Cancellation fee equal to the greater of either 20% of the total rental cost, or US$20.00. If you used the WiFi Egg before you cancel the reservation, the rental fees for that period will be excluded from the refund.

*You must return the WiFi Egg to us on the day that you cancel your order *Days you are in possession of the device cannot be refunded.

Paypal will credit in accordance to how you originally paid.

Payment through Credit Card : Paypal will credit you through your credit card.

Other Funding Source : Paypal will credit you through your Paypal balance.

A Combination of Credit Card & Other Funding Source : Credit Card used portion will be credited to your credit card while the remainder will be credited to your other funding source.

*It may take up to 30 days for refunds to show on your statement.