About WiFi Egg Korea

WiFi EGG KOREA provides portable Wi-Fi hotspots, which are also known as wifi egg, to travelers traveling to Korea. We have served customers from all around the world and to this date we have a 93% satisfaction rate.

Usually when you roam with your home country’s telecom company, you might get bill shocks when you come back home. However, WiFi EGG KOREA gives travelers a daily flat rate that you control. Don’t roam at incredibly expensive prices. Travel to Korea and use affordable but reliable internet with WiFi EGG KOREA!

Connect up to 5 devices using WiFi EGG KOREA’s special device. You can connect your smartphone, laptop or any other device that needs internet connection. Use a device and keep connected with your family or friends.

Don’t get stuck using public wifi while in one of the most tech savvy countries in the world! Use WiFi Egg Korea’s korea wifi egg to get the most out of your trip!

Find the best way to stay connected while traveling abroad. We try to help our customers the best we can, whenever we can. Use our trusted service that over 150,000 people have tried before. We guarantee the best service you can receive.